SUNKIST model# AUTO-90, automatic commercial sectionizer, #6645

Sunkist Auto-90 Commercial Sectionizer, #6645 (Retail $62K+)


  • The Sunkist Auto-90 Sectionizer is an automated version of the popular Sunkist tabletop Sectionizer.
  • It uses the same blade cups (not included) and plungers (not included).  and can sectionize up to 90 pieces of fruit per minute.
  • This item is compatible with the corresponding plungers (not included with this purchase)
    • 4 wedge - 4 evenly spaced and cut wedges
    • 6 wedge - 6 evenly spaced and cut wedges
    • 6 slice - 6 slices 5/16 inches thick
    • 8 wedge - 8 evenly spaced and cut wedges
    • 3-in-1 - 2 halves scored in 3 wedges each
    • single - cuts fruit in half
    • apple - 6 evenly spaced and cut wedges with center core removed
  • In addition to sectionizing citrus fruit, you can use this machine to core and wedge apples and pears.
  • It will also slice firm tomatoes and mushrooms for sandwiches and pizzas or wedge them for salads.
  • Our Auto-90 can slice and/or wedge hard-boiled eggs, kiwi fruit, small to medium potatoes, strawberries; just about any firm (not hard) fruit or vegetable without pits that will fit through the blade cup.
  • Like the tabletop model, cleanup is a breeze - simply hose down the stainless steel interior with water or steam and throw the blade cups and plungers in the dishwasher for effortless sanitizing.
  • The machine is about the size of a refrigerator measuring 35 inches wide, 52 inches long and 77 inches tall.
  • It is powered by 208-240 AC, single phase 5 amps.

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