Schroeder 950, 12 Button Bar Beverage Dispenser w/ Cold Plate #4987

  • $199.00

Twelve Button Red Bar Gun, 6 Carb, 4 Non-Carb, Soda, Water, 0 Wines.  Comes with a Cold Plate.

Schroeder America bar guns are designed for performance, durability, and serviceability, providing exceptional value for buyers and bartenders alike. Superior ratio control ensures unsurpassed beverage quality when using standard or high yield syrups. The unique nozzle and diffuser design eliminates product carryover. Made from cast acrylic and stainless steel, with embedded diffuser head for increased durability. Manifolds and controls are easy to read and simple to access and adjust.

legacy model number:950-12640-2-02-30
number of buttons:12
carbonated products:6
non-carbonated products:4
control type:flow control
sheath length:30"
Cold Plate : 8'' x 14'' x 3''
Tested, was working properly when removed. 

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