Pitco® 65C+S Natural Gas 65-80 lb. Stainless Steel Floor Fryer #5471

This is a Pitco 65lb natural gas fryer. It has been tested and cleaned. Works great. On rolling casters. These sell new for $1399.

STANDARD FRYER FEATURES & ACCESSORIES  Tank - Mild steel  Cabinet - stainless front, door  Galvanized sides and back  Millivolt Thermostat (T-Stat)  Themo-Safety pilot with built in regulator.  High Temperature safety limit switch  3/4 NPT rear gas connection  1 ¼” (3.2 cm) Full port drain valve for fast draining  Separate Manual gas shutoffs, for front servicing  Integrated flue deflector  6” (15.2cm) adjustable legs, easier access to clean  Tube rack, allows crumbs & debris into cool zone  Removable basket hanger, requires no tools 

For High Volume Gas single standalone frying specify Pitco Gas Model 65C+ tube fryer. MODELS AVAILABLE  65C+ (65-80 lbs, 18 x 18” fry area, 150Kbtu/hr) Natural  65C+ (65-80 lbs,  Welded tank with a super smooth machine peened finish ensures easy cleaning.  Long lasting, high temperature alloy stainless steel heat baffles are mounted in the heat exchanger tubes to provide maximum heating and combustion efficiency.  Standing pilot light design provides a ready flame when heat is required. CONTROLS  Integrated gas control valve acts as a manual and pilot valve, automatic pilot valve, gas filter, pressure regulator and automatic main valve.  Gas control valve prevents gas flow to the main burner until pilot is established and shuts off all gas flow automatically if the pilot flame goes out.  Temperature limit automatically shuts off all gas flow if the fryer temperature exceeds 450°F (232°C) ±15°F (±10°C) / 410°F (210°C) for International units

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