Old Hickory N45 WDG Rotisserie Oven 115v/Natural Gas #4678

  • $2,599.00

Old Hickory's 45WDG rotisserie is the ultimate European styled merchandiser. The 45WDG is designed specifically for upscale, gourmet operations where merchandising is vital. It roasts product to perfection while providing an unsurpassed point-of-purchase display. By placing the unit in a prominent location, where the consumer can see the succulent product, smell the delicious aromas, and hear the sizzle, you are actually performing a food show that will complement any retail food operation. Its versatility allows the operator to cook on either half of the unit without co-mingling fats. 

Cooking: Infrared heat, provided by ceramic radiants which glow red from the gas generated flame, cooks product faster than any other method. Up-front display provides a capacity of 36 chickens every 55 minutes. The 45 WDG also accommodates roasts, ducks, turkeys, ribs, fish, brochettes, chicken parts, roast potatoes, and whole pig. 

Merchandising:  Sliding, tempered glass panels allow clear viewing with the added security of a heat barrier.
Cleaned, Tested, Works as intended. 

Standard Features
„ 27 to 36 bird capacity
„ Continuous cook with self-basting
„ Two separate cooking chambers create menu flexibility
„ Ceramic tiles convert thermal energy into radiant heat for more efficient production time
„ Sliding glass doors enable front loading / unloading
„ Water drip tray for humidified cooking
115v motor
Natural Gas Burners 
Cleaned Tested works as intended. 
Missing Flood lights. 

67 5/8'' W x 30 1/4'' D x 74'' H
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