New OptiPure FXI-22P | 160-50120 Water Treatment System #6295

  • $299.00

This is a brand new Optipure FX-22P filter system. Opened box to take pictures. These sell new for $564 and up.

The FXI-22P is a dual-housing water treatment system with drop-in 20” cartridges that reduces sediment and chlorine taste & odor. The FXI-22P system includes IsoNet scale inhibiting technology for added protection against corrosion. This system improves the quality and consistency of hot and cold beverages. The high-capacity activated-carbon filtration makes water taste great and protects equipment against corrosive chlorine.

Replacement Cartridge

OptiPure CTOS-20 | 252-00320 Cartridge

The CTOS-20 is a 20” Drop-In cartridge that reduces sediment and chlorine taste & odor. The cartridge includes IsoNet®, OptiPure’s patented scale inhibiting technology, which delivers consistent protection against the precipitation and accumulation of scale and provides a protective barrier to help guard against corrosion.

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