New Dukers DCSTW-3024B Stainless table with backsplash 24x30x35

  • $278.00

New Dukers Stainless table with backsplash 
Model DCSTW-3024B
Dimensions 24x30x35

We have multiple different lengths of Dukers tables with backsplashes that have different dimensions listed below. If you're interested please email us!
DCSTW-3024B -Dimensions 24x30x35 -Price $194
DCSTW-3036B -Dimensions 36x30x35 -Price $259
DCSTW-3048B -Dimensions 48x30x35 -Price $300
DCSTW-3060B -Dimensions 60x30x35 -Price $338
DCSTW-3072B -Dimensions 72x30x35 -Price $397

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