Le Jie LJY120-2 Double-Cup Bubble Boba Milk Tea Shaker #4691

  • $199.00

Double-cup Auto Milk Tea Shaker

The latest double cup auto milk tea shaking machine is made of stainless steel material and could replace the process of manual shaking.It is widely used in restaurant, cake room, coffee shop, bakery, food stores and beverage stores. Cleaned, Tested, Works as Intended!


1.The latest double-cup auto milk tea shaking machine, the full body is made of stainless steel material.

2.The machine could replace the process of manual shaking in the milk tea production process.

3.Suitable for the shaking of milk tea, Boba tea, beverage etc.

4.High-power, 360 degree rotation.

5.Special control procedures, you can stop at any time.

6.0-60 seconds timing function.


Model: LJY120-2

Size:11 7/8'' L X 13 5/8'' D X 14/ 1/4'' H

Voltage: 110V

Power:120 W

Velocity Ratio: 400 r/min

Net Weight: Approx 55 lbs

Timer:1-60 seconds

Cups Capacity : 1 1/4 Cup - 3 Cups

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