New Garryson FLAP DISC - TYPE-29 - 7" X 5/8-11 36GRIT ZIRC G40606 #4541

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New in the box. FLAP DISC - TYPE-29 - 7" X 5/8-11 36GRIT ZIRC

P36 Industrial Zirconium
36 Grit 7" Flap Discs

180 x 22mm 7"
Part Number G40606

Metal & Stainless Steel, Mild and Black Steel Plastic and Copper

These are a Heavy duty Zirconium flap disc

For grinding welds, Prep Sub Arc Weld joins

Parting lines on casting and carbon steels.

High grain adhesion for long life

Outlasting conventional sanding discs by up to 25 times
Fits directly to a 7", 8" and 9" Angle grinders
No backing disc required

Unpacked weight .5lb
We have 30 available. Price is Per Disc

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