Dongan 50-1000-134 1KVA 240/480-120/240 INDUSTRIAL CONTROL TRANSFORMER #5844

  • $399.00

USED: Dongan 50-1000-134 1KVA 240X480/ 230X460/ 220X440 - 120/240/ 115/230/ 110/220 INDUSTRIAL CONTROL TRANSFORMER 
Blodgett part number 17754
Dongan's 50 series industrial control transformers have been designed to the highest NEMA and industrial standards. The product features screw terminal connections, high regulation low temperature rise, a wide variety of voltage combinations up to 5000va in many cases. In addition, we do many specials in this same series. We also offer primary and secondary fuse kits sold as an aftermarket addition. All Copper Windings
  • Rugged coil mounted screw terminals
  • UL Class 105C insulation system, 55C temperature rise through 750 VA
  • UL Class 180C insulation system, 115C temperature rise 1000 VA and above
  • All designs rated 50 / 60 Hertz
  • Primary fuse blocks and secondary fuse holders available
  • Combination screw heads for ease of installation
  • Meets or exceeds UL 506, NEMA ST-1 and ANSI standards.
  • New this cost $1775
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