#3933 NEW Cres Cor HJ-531-10-240 240v Capacity Heated Dish Dolly


Preheat your plates with ease by adding this Cres Cor HJ-531-10-240 aluminum heated four stack plate dispenser to your plating and service system! By heating your plates, you can provide a better customer experience since they will help to keep your food hotter, longer. This plate dispenser can hold up to (240) 9 7/8"-11" diameter plates in four 20" stacks. It's also great for heating up pellets if you are planning to use this cart as part of a tray service system. Plus, it can be used with plated, covered meals if you need to store a small number of meals for a short period of time.
This model is made of durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum that has a high tensile strength and is reinforced with cross-bracing for additional structural rigidity. It measures only 32" high, which means that this plate dispenser can fit under 36" high counters for convenient storage during off periods or while you are waiting for it to heat up. Since it can be stored out of the way, it frees up floor space in your crowded kitchen or serving area.
For easy access to the interior, this model has a removable hinged top, front, and rear doors. This makes it possible for your employees to quickly access warm plates, refill the plate dispenser, or clean out the plate dispenser after use. This dispenser comes with heavy-duty 5" swivel casters, two with brakes, that allow your staff to move it right where it's needed.
For heating, this model features a 1000W heating element and a lifetime lubricated blower motor. This heating system provides a quick heat up time and temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your plates ready to use. The recessed controls are located out of the way so that they are protected from damage. A 120V electrical connection is required for operation
23" x 25" x 30"
26" x 30" x 34"
100 lbs.
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